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Our Mission

Our goal is to develop our team by creating an addictive behavior for becoming excellent both personally and professionally. Everyone has a purpose; that purpose will not only be revealed, but also harnessed and channeled to develop a better version of oneself.

Our vision

Our Vision

Our respectful beginnings allow us to take massive action in becoming a global sensation in the sales and marketing industry. Our vision starts with one main goal: become a better version of ourselves. At Alpha Group Consulting, we provide the team with tools and skill sets that academia and the normal work environment has an absence of instilling.

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Meet the Team

Just like Las Vegas is a melting pot for people from all over the world with all different backgrounds, so is our team. The one thing Alpha Group Consulting’s team members all have in common is the value each of them puts on the goals they set and the development of both themselves and others. Our team of highly competitive members go against the grain in order to exceed in both sales, personal, and professional development.

Marlo Menendez

Assistant Manager

Dawn Pope

Director of Recruiting

Whitney Hatcher

Senior Leader

Ingrid Lungazo

Senior Account Manager

“My experience at being at AGC has been spectacular. The amount of growth and development personally and professionally has immensely changed my life.”
Phenyo Mashilela
“Being a part of Alpha Group Consulting, experiencing growth and self development was a big part of what I wanted to do. Experiencing a fun positive environment where you can learn and have fun is a priority.”
Ricardo Garcia-Nunez


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