What our employees say

“Working here I have learned to be the B.E.S.T. Which stands for Better. Every. Single. Time. With that mindset, you can’t go wrong.”
Devante Love Steen
“AGC is a Development Office in every sense of the word development. Not only are they COMMITTED to developing you professionally, the same is true personally. There is no career in this world that’ll want you to grow the way AGC does!”
Monique Nunez
“AGC to me has been a place of ample growth and opportunity. A place filled with support and the drive to be bigger and better.“
Sieanna Peterson

Entry Level Sales

Our Entry-Level sales position includes representing for Fortune 500 companies out of big box retailers and account management for new customers. We find that those with qualities like those listed below are likely to succeed and become very strong members of our team.

Student Mentality

One key part of success is to never stop learning and growing. Always ask questions and seek out answers to things you don’t know. Come in prepared to learn and practice and you will see success.


We want to see you succeed and will always communicate anything you need in order to succeed.

Communication is key both in the professional setting in the office and in conversations with customers in the store. Whether this is a skill you already possess, or it is something you want to learn, this is definitely the place for you.


This is one of the uncompromising components to entrepreneurship. Pivoting when something interferes with your normal routine, overcoming challenges and obstacles, and embracing the uncomfortably of doing so, is an imperative part of growth and development both professionally and personally. Our mission is to assist with the evolution and development of all those who join our team, all while giving the understanding that change is inevitable when seeking and desiring to be a better version of themselves.


1 of 3 Pillars of Success in any business. A necessity for Alpha group Consulting’s success and the purest way to gauge the good from the great!


It is the glue to be successful consistently and long term. Our philosophy is that the true character of a man or woman is not how they are perceived when an audience is viewing them, but what they do when no one is. What they do and how they conduct themselves consistently is what matters. Do they put in 120% even when they aren’t being looked at?

Work Ethic

What you do consistently is determinant of what result you will get. Someone with amazing work ethic is far more likely to succeed than the person that is most intelligent but is lazy.

We give each person every tool needed to succeed, but it is up to them to practice and utilize the tools given. This means studying the tools we provide, actively asking questions and seeking to understand, and putting in time to practice things they are not confident in.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”



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We offer hourly base pay and uncapped commissions and bonuses. The position is Entry-Level, and the hourly rate reflects that. Our average annual income per representative is between $40,000 and $60,000.

One of the first things you’ll notice about our team is the positive energy that radiates from everyone. It’s not just something you see, but something you can feel as soon as you walk in the door. From there you can see that our cohesive team enjoys competing both with each other and themselves. It’s easy to see how our team of beasts is as successful as they are!

Our training process takes just over two weeks and is intended to be thorough enough to give you all the skillsets necessary for you to succeed in sales. During the training period, you will work full time with your leader and other top reps to learn what goes into a successful sales conversation as well as product knowledge. We encourage you to ask questions and any of our top team members is more than willing to help with your training.

Part of our hands-on training is having you set up to practice your skillsets as you learn them in the store. This means that not only do you get paid, but you have the opportunity to receive commissions and bonuses during your training period.

There’s a lot of opportunity to move up in our business should that be something you desire to do. Growth with us is performance based, so after you become proficient in sales, you will be afforded tasks and roles included, but not limited to teaching and training, professionalism, and other skillsets in order to equip you with everything you need to manage yourself and others. Feel free to ask more about our growth opportunities via email or phone!


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